Cataract Surgery Improves Driving Safety

Did you know that cataract surgery actually improves driving safety? The ability of cataract surgery to restore sight is well known. Patients say they’re stunned by the vibrancy of color after surgery and the improvement in night vision. Depending on the type of lens implant (IOL) selected to correct your vision after cataract surgery many patients no longer even need to wear glasses, reading glasses or bifocals after cataract surgery. Researchers reporting at a recent

Meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology used a driving simulator to test patients’ vision before and after cataract surgery. They found that near misses and crashes decreased by 48 percent after surgery! While visual acuity-how well you see the eye chart-is quickly measured after cataract surgery, it’s an incomplete assessment of how visually able you might be to drive.

Cataract surgery appears to improve quantity of vision, or visual acuity, as well as contrast sensitivity leading to better night vision and improving drivers’ safety on the road.

These results highlight the importance of timely cataract surgery in maintaining safety and continued mobility and independence in seniors. If you or someone you know is experiencing cataract symptom such as cloudy foggy vision, glare or difficult night driving and would like to learn more about cataract surgery & lens implants please schedule a cataract evaluation. Call Outlook Eyecare, Monroe Township, NJ 609-409-2777 or Outlook Eyecare, Princeton, NJ, 609-419-1920, or visit Outlook Eyecare or Facebook.

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