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BOTOX® & Cosmetic Procedures

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In addition to caring for your vision, at Outlook Eyecare we offer cosmetic treatments and procedures including eyelid surgery and BOTOX® Cosmetic in New Jersey. We are proud to have Dr. Joseph Shovlin as a member of our diverse, highly distinguished team of professionals. He is a nationally recognized oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgeon who offers leading edge cosmetic procedures in addition to top quality eye care to enhance your appearance and your confidence.

If you would like to learn more about your cosmetic options, request a consultation at Outlook Eyecare or call us at (609) 409-2777 (Monroe Township) or (609) 419-1920 (Princeton) and one of our friendly staff members will promptly schedule your appointment.

Treatments We Offer

For cosmetic enhancement of your eyes, learn more about these treatments and procedures:

  • Eyelid Surgery: Lifts sagging upper lids and reduces puffy under eye bags for lasting enhancement
  • BOTOX® Cosmetic: Softens crow's feet and other wrinkles caused by facial muscle contractions
  • Injectable Fillers: Freshen and fill sunken areas around the eyes

Why Choose Us?

People prefer Outlook Eyecare for many reasons including our:

  • Team of board-certified, fellowship-trained ophthalmologists
  • Boutique-style practice centered on personalized eye care
  • Comprehensive offering of services
  • State-of-the-art technology & techniques
  • On-site optical shop
Learn About Our Doctors

LATISSE® for Eyelash Growth

LATISSE®In addition to the above procedures, we also offer LATISSE® for eyelash growth at our New Jersey offices in Princeton and Monroe Township. LATISSE is the only FDA-approved product for treating insufficient eyelashes, it is available by prescription only. This topical treatment, applied nightly, produces longer, fuller, darker lashes in approximately 12 to 16 weeks.

We understand that you want to feel as well as look good. Dr. Shovlin will work with you to determine the treatment plan that will help you achieve your vision of beauty. His extensive training and experience with advanced oculofacial plastic surgery techniques and treatments, such as eyelid surgery and BOTOX, provides our patients quality of care on par with major metropolitan areas. He is also a highly skilled reconstructive surgeon and ophthalmic surgeon, specializing in microsurgery for sight restoration.

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