Eye Drops May Help Droopy Eyelids 

Did you know that there is a prescription eye drop to help droopy eyelids? It is estimated that 10-12% of adults have a droopy eyelid, but many don’t know it’s considered a disorder, or that it can be treated. Droopy eyelid occurs when muscles that keep the eye open lose function with age. It can affect one or both eyes. As the eyelid droops, the opening of the eye constricts and vision can become impaired. Until now, the only way to treat ptosis was to have eyelid surgery. Ptosis eyelid surgery is usually only performed in severe cases of droopy eyelids. Recently a once a day prescription eye drop, called Upneeq, became available to help with droopy eyelids. The prescription eye drop provides an alternative to surgery and off-label drugs, the only options for fixing droopy eyelid until now. Upneeq works on a muscle that elevates the eyelid. It causes that muscle to contract, allowing the eyelid to open 1-2 millimeters wider than before treatment. Upneeq doesn’t work for people who have droopy eyelid due to excess skin, saggy eyebrows, or underlying eye injury or nerve problems. The drug is not a treatment for congenital ptosis and has not been studied or approved for children born with droopy eyelids. 

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